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Signs Your Sewer Line is Damaged

A burst sewer pipe is one of the worst things that can happen to a property owner. Find out what the signs are so you can avoid expensive repairs on your property and plumbing system.

A burst sewer pipe is one of the worst things to happen to a property owner. The good thing about plumbing problems is that they can be resolved if caught early enough.

Unless you are experienced, it can be challenging to determine whether a plumbing system needs to be repaired. How can you tell if a sewer pipe has burst? What are some of the signs of a sewer pipe burst?

You need to know the signs of the broken sewer line to prevent plumbing system deterioration from worsening. If you suspect that your sewer line is damaged, these are the signs that you should look out for:

  • Gurgling Noise

  • Rotten Odour

  • Discoloured Water

  • High Water Bill

  • Slow Draining Water

  • Grassy Patches

  • Discoloured Pipes

  • Stagnant Water

  • Insects

Gurgling Noise

If drain pipes make unpredicted noises, there may be a leak causing the noise. The noise may be caused by a restricted vent pipe, too much water pressure, or loose fittings.

Once in a while, it’s okay for pipes to make noise, but when they jiggle simultaneously, you’ve got a sewer line problem.

Rotten Odour Or Bad Smell

All drains must have connected traps and vents to comply with plumbing standards. A preventative measure is to install gutters and traps inside your home to prevent sewer gas from entering.

There are two leading causes of rotten egg odour: a vent line that has been broken or a trap that has dried out. It may be possible to eliminate the odour by filling traps with water, but you should check your pipes for leaks before doing so. Several skills and tools are required to identify the exact location of cracked sewer pipes in sewer vents.

Discoloured Or Brown Water

Brown Water Coming Bathroom Tap

Is your water suddenly a different colour than it was before? Observing the colour of the water will let you know how much sediment, rust, or minerals are present. It is common for water with high levels of rust to turn red, yellow, or orange.

Your piping or mains may be rusted if your water looks brown when you use cold water. If the discolouration in your water persists, you might want to consider contacting a plumber to investigate the cause.

Higher Water Bill

Has your water bill spiked? A high water bill is often a sign of a leak in your plumbing. Check all the areas for any noticeable signs, and call a plumber.

Slow Draining Water

There is nothing abnormal about experiencing slow water flow occasionally, but a blocked pipe usually causes this. Sometimes, clogs can be cleared with a plunger, but that is not always true. A professional is generally needed, especially if the clog is large or a tree root intrusion inside the broken pipe.

Cleaning Clog Kitchen Sink

If you don’t want to create more problems down the road, leave it to the experts who know how to handle plumbing solutions.

Grass Growing In One Section

In your yard, the presence of a green patch that seems bigger than the surrounding areas can indicate that you have a sewer problem.

It is especially problematic when patchy grass grows over the sewer line. Eventually, the leak causing the green patch in your yard may become a sinkhole due to excessive moisture. This is because of the excessive moisture. The sooner you deal with this problem, the less damage there will be to your home in the future.

Discoloured Pipes

There is no doubt that a pipe’s discolouration indicates that it has been exposed to a large amount of moisture.

This problem can be attributed to several factors, including

  • Loose joints
  • Leaks in the water supply line
  • Dripping from the sink drains

Since a plumbing system depends on pressure, a small leak can cause major problems.

Stagnant water

If your stormwater drainage system is inefficient, you will notice standing water in your yard after heavy rainfall.

Water in your yard or where the sewer pipe runs may be signs you must investigate further. Even if no storms or rainfall events have occurred recently, you may want to consider looking into it. Standing water on the floor could indicate a leak in your plumbing, posing a health risk if left unresolved.

Ongoing Water Backup

There may be an underlying cause for blockages or backups if they occur frequently after repeatedly cleaning your pipes. For example, improper alignment of pipes or growing roots in the pipes.

This condition can be detected thoroughly and accurately using a drainage camera technique. Waiting will likely result in your sewer pipes becoming so damaged they will need to be dug up for sewer line repair, worsening the situation.

Insects & Rodents

The possibility of having a broken sewer pipe in your home is high when you see cockroaches and numerous other insects and rodents on your property.

Pests like roaches and flies can get into sanitary sewer line systems through cracks. The smallest openings in your home’s pipes have also been shown to be accessible to some roach species.

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When you notice any of these problems developing, it is best to contact a sewer expert who provides pipe relining services in Sydney as soon as possible. Our team at Service First Plumbing has the knowledge and tools to handle any sewer issue, whether big or small. So, please speak with our team!

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