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Blocked Drains

Get your blocked drains cleared with our expert Sydney plumbers! We offer fast and affordable drain cleaning and repair services across the Sydney area. Call us today 1300 173 784.

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Have you noticed signs of a blocked drain in your Sydney home? Clogged drains may cause a serious problem for many of your plumbing fixtures.

If not fixed on time, blocked drains can lead to broken pipes and toilets, sewer backups, and overflowing drains. And, if you have a malfunctioning plumbing and drainage system can cause significant structural damage to your property.

The moment you notice early signs of a clogged drain, it is best to contact the plumbing professionals at Service First Plumbing. Our skilled and friendly team will have your drains fixed at the most affordable price in no time. Get in touch with us today!

Different Types Of Blocked Drains


The most common type of blockage is a blocked or a slow-draining toilet. It is foreign objects like wet wipes, sanitary napkins, etc., that cause this problem.

Similarly, soap scum, hair, and other bathing products can cause blockages in the bathroom sink/basin. Damage caused by tree roots in the drainage and sewer pipe can result in sewer backups in the bathroom.


Oil and grease from food and small food particles can easily get stuck to kitchen drains and block the sink. The problem is quite similar to the blocked bathroom basin mentioned earlier.


If not cleaned regularly, gutters don’t take too long to get blocked with leaves and other debris. If the gutter is under a tree, the chances of a blockage increase even more. Outdoor drainage systems are also prone to blockages caused by dirt and debris.

Common Signs Of Blocked Drains

To prevent major plumbing issues, you should pay attention to a few tell-tale signs that may indicate a clogged drain in Sydney. Here are a few examples:

How We Can Help You

Are you looking for reliable Sydney plumbers you can trust? Service First Plumbing is your one-stop destination for all things plumbing!

To clear your blocked drain, our plumbers and technicians use various advanced tools and techniques to handle blocked drain. They will perform a CCTV inspection to identify the root cause of the blocked drain and then create an action plan before discussing the total cost with you.

If your pipe is cracked or broken, our team offer a no-dig repair method known as pipe relining. This technique allows us to repair burst pipes with little to no damage to your property.

So, from preparation to clean-up, you don’t have to lift a finger as we offer the best service at the most affordable price!

Why Choose Service First Plumbing

Your safety and your property’s plumbing are important to us. Our local Sydney plumbers leave no stone unturned in selecting expert plumbers, repairers, and other specialists for your benefit.

You can rely on us when it comes to honesty, dedication, and transparency. You can always count on us to arrive on time, get the job done correctly, and leave the workplace spotless.

Additionally, we always disclose our prices before starting the repair work, so you can decide whether you still want to use our services or not. And once confirmed, we’ll locate the source of the blockage and remove it for you.

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Need help with a blocked drain in Sydney? Contact our Sydney drain clearing specialists today!

You can reach our friendly team by 1300 173 784. If you are experiencing an emergency blocked drain situation, our team are available 24/7 in the Sydney area.

Our emergency plumbing team will ensure we reach you as soon as possible. So, you will never have to worry about urgent plumbing issues again.

Blocked Drain FAQs

Want to know more about blocked drains in Sydney? Check out our customer’s FAQs below:

There are a few reasons why your drain might be gurgling. It could be that there is a blockage in the drain pipe that is causing water to build up and gurgle when it tries to flow past. Another possibility is air in the drain pipe, which can happen if the drain hasn’t been used in a while. This air will eventually escape, and the gurgling will stop. If you have a septic tank, it is also possible that the gurgling is just normal noise coming from the tank as it breaks down waste matter. If you’re concerned about your drain gurgling, the best thing to do is call our Sydney plumber to take a look.

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