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The Service First Plumbing blog covers plumbing, gas, hot water and drainage. We have tips and tricks, tutorials and general articles to help save you money.

Remove Hair Blocked Bath Drain

How to Remove Hair from a Blocked Bath Drain

Learn how to tackle hair-clogged bathtub drains with ease using our comprehensive DIY guide. From mechanical methods to natural solutions, find out how to keep your drains flowing freely without calling a plumber.

Clear Blocked Toilet

How To Clear A Blocked Toilet

Dealing with a blocked toilet can be frustrating, but our comprehensive guide will show you the simplest and most effective methods to clear the clog yourself. From plungers to natural cleaning agents, find out how to tackle toilet blockages like a pro.

Unblock Blocked Drain Plunger

How to Unblock a Blocked Drain Using a Plunger

Struggling with a blocked drain? Don’t let it disrupt your day. Our blog post provides a simple, step-by-step guide on how to use a plunger to clear your drain effectively. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to smooth-running pipes with our expert tips and tricks.

Time Upgrade Hot Water System?

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hot Water System?

Are you constantly running out of hot water? Is your energy bill skyrocketing? It may be time to consider an upgrade to your hot water system. In our latest blog, we delve into the key indicators that your hot water system is due for a replacement, including reduced efficiency, age-related wear and tear, and the benefits of modern water heating solutions.

Drain Flush Hot Water Heater

How to Drain and Flush Your Hot Water Heater

Learn the step-by-step process of draining and flushing your hot water heater to ensure optimal performance and extend its lifespan. Discover the importance of regular maintenance, how to safely drain the tank, and how flushing helps remove sediment buildup. By following this guide, you’ll be able to maintain a reliable and efficient hot water heater in your home.

Maintain Tankless Hot Water Heater

How To Maintain a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Keep your tankless hot water heater running smoothly with our comprehensive maintenance guide. From routine flushing to filter cleaning, we cover all you need to know to preserve the life of your heater and enjoy endless hot water.

Preventing Sediment Build- Hot Water Heater

Preventing Sediment Build-Up in Your Hot Water Heater

Keep your hot water heater running smoothly with our comprehensive guide on preventing sediment build-up. Find out how regular maintenance can extend your heater’s lifespan and improve your home’s energy efficiency and water quality.

Tips Prevent Foul Odours Drains

Tips To Prevent Foul Odours In Drains

Unpleasant drain odours are never fun to deal with. With some simple tips, you can prevent foul smells from invading your home through drains. Regular cleaning and maintenance go a long way.

Proactive Measures Safeguard Plumbing Root Intrusions

Proactive Measures to Safeguard Your Plumbing Against Root Intrusions

Over time, invasive tree roots can wreak havoc on pipes and sewer lines. This article outlines proactive solutions like root barrier installation, pipe bursting, regular drain cleaning, and professional plumbing inspections to defend your home against plumbing damage and backups caused by encroaching roots.

Impact Landscaping Drainage:

The Impact of Landscaping on Drainage: What You Need to Know

Landscaping choices greatly impact drainage and flooding at your home. Elements like plant selection, soil type, and yard grading can prevent or cause water issues. Learn tips on gardens, lawns, and terrain from landscapers and plumbers to promote drainage.

Install Gas Points Home

Where and How to Install Gas Points in Your Home

Where and how should you install gas points in your home? This post covers best practices for planning locations and the proper installation process. Learn which rooms are ideal for gas supply based on common appliance usage. Get tips for determining the right number of points and strategically adding lines. We’ll discuss the steps for a code-compliant installation from start to finish.

Protecting Gas Piping Corrosion Leaks

Protecting Gas Piping From Corrosion And Leaks

Corrosion poses a threat to underground gas piping over time. However, homeowners can protect pipes with the right maintenance. This article details how to spot damage early through inspection. It also outlines effective prevention methods like cathodic protection and coatings. Learn the signs of pipe deterioration and strategies to implement for safe, reliable gas delivery to your home.

Gas Line Sizing Sydney Homes:

Gas Line Sizing for Sydney Homes: Getting it Right

Explore the complexities of gas line sizing in our comprehensive guide. Uncover the key factors affecting gas line diameter and why it’s pivotal for your home’s safety and appliance performance.

Prevent Gas Leaks Home? Safety Tips

How Can You Prevent Gas Leaks at Home? Safety Tips

Unseen and odorous, a gas leak can make your home a hazard. Learn to recognise the signs of a leak, react appropriately, and take steps to prevent it. Ensure your home remains the cosy, safe haven it’s meant to be.

Chemical Drain Cleaners . Natural Remedies: Pros Cons Clearing Blockages 

Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. Natural Remedies: Pros and Cons for Clearing Blockages 

When your kitchen or bathroom sink starts backing up, it’s time to clear the drain. But should you use harsh chemical drain cleaners or gentler natural remedies? This guide compares how effective each method is at dissolving stubborn clogs, plus the safety, cost and environmental impact trade-offs to consider. We’ll break down the pros and cons of popular chemical and natural drain cleaning options.

Extend Lifespan Hot Water System: Maintenance Tips Tricks

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Hot Water System: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Proper maintenance is key to getting the most from your home’s hot water system. This blog post provides tips to extend its lifespan and save money on repairs. Regular flushing removes minerals that damage components over time. Inspect and replace the anode rod every few years to prevent corrosion. Insulating pipes and lowering the thermostat boosts efficiency. Learn tasks like these, plus other tricks for maximising hot water system performance for years to come.

Size Water Heater Home’ Hot Water Demands?

What Size Water Heater Do You Need for Your Home’s Hot Water Demands?

When sizing your water heater, closely monitor your household’s average daily hot water usage by tracking shower lengths and other tasks over a week or more. Also, consider the unit’s recovery rate, as you’ll want a model that can quickly reheat the tank if large amounts are used at once to ensure sufficient hot water is available, especially during peak demand periods.

Backflow Prevention Testing Services Commercial Facilities

Backflow Prevention and Testing Services for Commercial Facilities

Learn about backflow risks and prevention strategies for commercial facilities. This guide covers backflow causes, required testing, choosing a service provider, and protecting your building’s water supply.

Qualifies Plumbing Emergency, Call ?

What Qualifies as a Plumbing Emergency, and When Should I Call for Help?

Burst pipes flooding your home or a clogged drain threatening to overflow can turn a minor plumbing issue into a major disaster if not addressed promptly. This blog post explores the most common plumbing emergencies that require immediate assistance from a professional. From toilets that won’t stop running to mysterious leaks, learn when certain issues qualify as emergencies and warrant an urgent call to your local plumber. Knowing what to look out for can help minimise potential water damage or other problems down the line.

Preventing Water Damage Plumbing Emergency: Tips Homeowners

Preventing Water Damage During a Plumbing Emergency: Tips for Homeowners

Learn essential tips for homeowners to prevent water damage during a plumbing emergency. Discover practical advice and expert insights to safeguard your home and valuables from potential water-related disasters. Don’t let a plumbing mishap turn into a costly nightmare—take proactive steps to protect your property today.

Strata Property Plumbing Inspections: Expect Plan

Strata Property Plumbing Inspections: What to Expect and Plan For

A step-by-step guide for strata councils conducting plumbing system evaluations in their buildings. Discover how to plan inspections, what happens during the assessment, issues inspectors may detect, and best practices for follow-up, like setting a repair schedule.

Burst Pipes Common Plumbing Emergency?

Are Burst Pipes a Common Plumbing Emergency?

Burst pipes are a common plumbing emergency that can cause significant damage to your property. Freezing temperatures, aging pipes, and excessive water pressure contribute to their occurrence. Immediate action is crucial to minimise damage. Trust Service First for prompt and expert assistance in handling burst pipe emergencies.

Navigating Plumbing Responsibilities Commercial Renter

Navigating Your Plumbing Responsibilities As A Commercial Renter

Do you know your responsibilities when it comes to your businesses plumbing system? Discover the essential plumbing responsibilities every commercial renter should know to maintain compliance and avoid unexpected expenses.

Commercial Plumbing?

What Is Commercial Plumbing?

Ever wondered what a commercial plumber actually does? Our comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know. Discover the essential aspects of commercial plumbing, from services offered to common FAQs. Get insights from industry experts.

Understanding Plumbing Commercial Coffee Machines

Understanding The Plumbing Needs Of Commercial Coffee Machines

Are you a coffee shop owner or cafe manager? Explore the key plumbing considerations for your commercial coffee machine setup, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted coffee brewing experience.

Safeguard Home Minimise Damage Emergency

How To Safeguard Your Home and Minimise Damage In An Emergency

Want to tackle emergency plumbing problems in your home the right way? Discover how to proactively protect your home from plumbing emergencies and reduce potential damage with our expert guidance.

Understanding Strata Insurance: Cover Plumbing?

Understanding Strata Insurance: Does It Cover Plumbing?

Do you live in a property with a strata manager? Discover whether your strata insurance policy includes coverage for plumbing problems and gain insights into common concerns, and how you can get the most from your insurance!

Eco-Friendly Plumbing Maintenance: Sustainable Solutions Greener Home

Eco-Friendly Plumbing Maintenance: Sustainable Solutions For A Greener Home

How can you make your plumbing for environmentally sustainable? Explore sustainable plumbing solutions for a more eco-friendly home. Learn how to maintain your plumbing while minimising environmental impact.

Expert Tips Dealing Urgent Plumbing Issues

Expert Tips For Dealing With Urgent Plumbing Issues

When plumbing issues strike unexpectedly, knowing how to handle them is crucial. In this blog, we’ll share expert tips and answers to common questions about urgent plumbing problems, ensuring you’re prepared for any emergency.

Practices Compliance Risk Mitigation Industrial Plumbing

Best Practices For Compliance And Risk Mitigation In Industrial Plumbing

Do you own or manage an industrial facility? Learn how to navigate compliance regulations and implement effective risk mitigation strategies in industrial plumbing for safe and successful projects in Australia.