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Water Filter Installation & Maintenance

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Would you like clean, fresh water directly from your tap? Then a water filter is exactly what you need.

A new water filter can be installed in your home or office by the plumbers at Service Frist Plumbing with ease. With our Sydney water filter installation services, you can access contaminate-free water in every part of your home.

Should You Install A Water Filter?

A water filtration system can provide you with fresh, great-tasting drinking water throughout the year. Instead of buying hundreds of plastic bottles every year, you can save yourself time and money!

Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

  • Reduces chemicals, such as chlorine, found in tap water
  • Better for the environment
  • Lower risk of certain health problems
  • Kinder on hair and skin
  • Cleaner dishes and clothes
  • Easy to maintain

Different Types Of Water Filters You Can Install

You can select from a variety of water filters depending on your property. Depending on your needs, you can speak to our team about which one is right for you.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Under Sink Water Filter
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Counter Top Water Filters

We Can Service Your Water Filter

You can also rely on us for regular maintenance services so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking on the filters. The technicians will arrive at your home or office at the specified time to ensure that the filters run optimally for prolonged periods. Speak to our team to book a maintenance schedule!

Does Your Water Filter Need Repair?

Water filters are an integral part of any residential or commercial plumbing system. However, people who have used them will agree that maintaining them can be challenging, especially if the area receives a hard water supply and is contaminated with minerals.

For example, the water filter may become dirty and practically unsuitable for use due to the prolonged accumulation of chemicals, heavy metals, or debris carried by the water. And failure to clean them at the right time may cause mould formation, requiring you to replace them altogether. Besides, dirty water filters can invite a host of health problems.

If the water supply from the faucet connected to the water filter has slowed down or the taste of the water has changed suddenly, then it may be time for you to change or replace it. And trust us, you wouldn’t want to take this tiresome job on your own!

Sydney’s Water Filter Experts

Whether cleaning the filter or repairing worn-out parts, our technicians use the most modern tools and techniques to do the job quickly.

With Service First Plumbing, you can expect a responsive plumbing team that also handles emergency issues. We offer 24-hour emergency service for any plumbing or gas emergencies.

Plus, each of our Sydney plumbers has the necessary licenses and certificates to follow the plumbing codes in Sydney.

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Talk To Us About Your Water Filter

Want more information about installing a water filter? Our Sydney plumbers are always happy to help. Reach out to us on 1300 173 784 at any time.

If you have already bought a water filter and need a plumber to install it, please let our team know when you contact us.

Water Filter FAQs

Got more questions regarding water filters and installing one at your home? We have answered our customer’s most commonly asked questions:

Yes, water filters are safe. They are a great way to remove contaminants from your water and improve the taste. However, choosing the right filter for your needs is essential and following the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance.

Always use clean, contaminant-free water when filling your water filter, and replace the filter cartridge as the manufacturer recommends. Additionally, be sure to disinfect your water filter regularly to kill bacteria or other organisms that may grow on the unit.

Yes, water filters are definitely good for you! They help remove contaminants from your water, which can harm your health. They’re a great way to improve your water quality and keep you and your family healthy.

A water filter typically lasts for between 6 and 12 months, but this will vary depending on the quality of the water that is being filtered. If the water is particularly dirty or contains a lot of contaminants, then the filter will need to be replaced more often.

It’s also important to remember to replace the filter regularly, even if it doesn’t look like it needs to be replaced. If a filter isn’t replaced regularly, it can become clogged, which will reduce the filter’s effectiveness.

A good water filter for home use should be able to remove harmful contaminants such as lead, mercury, and chlorine from your drinking water. It should also be easy to install and maintain.

There are many different types of filters on the market, and deciding which is right for you can be tricky.

One of the most popular types of filters is the carbon filter. Carbon filters remove chlorine, metals, and other harmful contaminants from your water. They are relatively affordable, easy to install and work well for most people.

If you are looking for a more advanced filter, you may want to consider a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis systems remove even more contaminants from your water and are perfect for those who have sensitive stomachs or allergies. However, they are more expensive and require more maintenance than carbon filters.

The best home-use water filters include the Brita water filter pitcher, the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter, and the Aquasana AQ-4000 Whole House Water Filter. All of these filters effectively remove harmful contaminants from your drinking water and are also easy to install and maintain.

Water filters vary in price, type and specific needs, so you should consider these factors when choosing the best water filter for your home.

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