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Getting a rainwater tank installed in Sydney is the perfect solution if you’re looking to reduce your water bill while also helping save the environment.

However, installing it should always be done by an experienced and properly trained plumber. Various aspects of the process, such as connecting the tank to an overflow system, require skill and expertise. Additionally, such installations must be undertaken by a licensed Sydney plumber, as mandated by the law.

So, when you need a rainwater tank installed on your property, there is no one better to call than the qualified team at Service First Plumbing!

Why You Need A Plumber To Install A Rainwater Tank

Having a rainwater tank installed by professionals can help you avoid a number of problems that may arise. These can include:

  • Inaccessibility
  • Improper outlet support
  • Rigid pipework
  • Inaccurate torque on fittings

At the Service First Plumbing, all professionals are fully trained and licensed for the job and have several years of experience in the industry. So, they can help you install a rainwater tank in no time.

Our plumbers will first reach the site and assess the area to determine the best location for the tank installation. You can also ask them to help choose the most suitable tank size design according to your needs and budget.

Once we have finished the installation, we will also provide you with maintenance tips to ensure your rainwater tank is in the best condition.

The Plumbers You Can Trust

If you are looking to install a new rainwater tank in Sydney, there is no one better than Service First Plumbing. Our team are equipped with the latest tools employed in the industry to make installations and repairs easy for you.

Apart from that, you will be happy to know that they use only high-quality materials for all installation and repair projects while following the necessary plumbing regulations in your area. You will also be provided with all the price information and the plan of action before our plumbers begin working.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, evident from the several industry awards our team has received. So, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your plumbing requirements in the best possible manner.

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You can reach our plumbers at any time on 1300 173 784. Alternatively, you can reach us via our website’s " Contact Us" section.

Any emergency repairs or maintenance can also be handled by our team 24/7. So, when you’re looking for trusted Sydney plumbers and rainwater tank specialists, choose Service First Plumbing.

General Plumbing FAQs

Got more questions regarding rainwater tanks and installing one at your home? We have answered our customer’s most commonly asked questions here:

To install a rainwater tank, you must first measure the area where you would like to place the tank. Once you have determined the size and location of the tank, mark the spot and begin digging. Most tanks come with a pre-installed hole that makes installation easy.

If you are not comfortable installing the tank yourself, hire a professional to do it for you. They have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools for the task, and they’ll be familiar with any applicable regulations for rainwater tank installation in your area. It is important to ensure that your tank is installed correctly to avoid any future water damage. Be sure to keep an eye on your tank during periods of heavy rain, as too much water can overload the system and cause leaks.

The time it takes to install a rainwater tank depends on the tank’s size, the installation’s complexity, and the access to the installation site. A small, simple rainwater tank could be installed in a few hours by one person; a large, complex rainwater tank system with pumps and filters could take several days or more for a team of professionals.

It’s important to note that a professional installation is always recommended to ensure that your tank is installed correctly, plumbed in, and connected to your downspouts. Improperly installed tanks can lead to water leakage and other problems down the road.

A rainwater tank can be installed at any height, but it’s recommended to have a minimum height difference of 1.2 meters so the water can flow freely.

Although most rainwater tanks sit on the ground, no height difference is usually needed for them to be installed. However, if you want to put it on a higher level (perhaps on the second story of your house), you will need to find some way to bring the water up to that level. This could be done by installing pumps or using gravity-fed systems.

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