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Mixer taps have become an important kitchen essential since it provides cold and hot water whenever you need them.

Installing a mixer tap can be challenging if you try to attempt it yourself. Hence, hiring a professional to install a mixer tap in Sydney is recommended. At Service First Plumbing, we provide all types of plumbing services and repairs. Plus, we provide regular maintenance for different plumbing essentials.

With years of experience with different types of mixer taps in Sydney, you can be sure we will provide you with an unmatched solution. Call us today to find out more!

How Do We Install Mixer Tap

When it comes to a mixer tap, we follow four simple steps to install it. In this section, we will explain the entire process that we follow to install your new mixer tap:

1. Shut Off Main Water Supply

Before starting any plumbing work, we first turn off the main water supply since it makes the installation process easier and less messy. In addition, this prevents water from getting wasted.

2. Remove Old Taps

If you plan to install the mixer tap in a preexisting tap fixture location, you must remove the old tap to fit the new one. We disable the old tap and remove the decorative rosettes and S-couplings.

We recommend storing the spare tap parts properly since they can be used in an emergency.

3. Install The New Tap

  • We begin this process by first checking the centre distance between the hot and cold pipe to ensure that it has the perfect measurement of 15 cm.
  • Once this is done, we wrap threads of S-coupling and layers of Teflon tape around the two pipes to hold them together.
  • Moving on, we screw the S-couplings onto the wall plate and use a spirit level to measure the positioning of the tap.
  • Lastly, we attach the decorative rosettes and connecting nuts to secure the tap to the basin.

4. Check For Any Leakage Or Damage

After we have installed the mixer tap, we open the main water supply and check the plumbing system for any leakages or issues. Pipes that show signs of leakage are immediately replaced with new ones. We also provide periodic maintenance services for all our plumbing installations.

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Mixer Taps FAQs

Do you still have questions regarding dual mixer taps? We have answered our customer’s most commonly asked questions:

A mixer tap can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

The water pressure and type are the most important factors to consider when installing a mixer tap. Make sure to consult with a plumbing professional to determine if your home’s water pressure is sufficient for a mixer tap

A mixer tap (or mixing tap) is a type of valve that mixes hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature before it leaves the faucet. This is opposed to a single-lever tap, which controls the water pressure and sends all the water through one opening. A mixer tap allows for more flexibility in adjusting the water temperature. It is also helpful for households with different preferences in water temperature - for example, one person might like really hot showers, while another prefers a milder temperature.

You can replace an old tap with a mixer tap, but it’s best to speak with our plumbers to ensure it is installed correctly.

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