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Repair broken, burst or damaged pipes with our innovative pipe relining method. Our Sydney plumbers can fix burst pipes quickly and efficiently without digging up your yard. Call us 1300 173 784.

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Do you have damaged or broken pipes and don’t want to use traditional methods to fix them? Ask our plumbers about Sydney pipe relining!

Pipe relining is the best way to fix broken pipes without digging up the ground. This is a great solution if you do not wish to tear down walls or destroy your yard! However, it is not something you can do yourself.

What Is Pipe Relining?

You may be wondering what pipe relining actually is? Well, this method involves using fibreglass or a polyester cloth tube to reline the damaged pipe. Compared to traditional drain repair, the relining process eliminates pipe excavations and replacement and landscape restoration costs.

You will see technicians making a custom-made liner and bladder inserted into the drain to reach the broken or damaged area. At the same time, a CCTV drain camera is inserted to ensure that the liner is aligned correctly. The compressed air stored in the liner and the bladder is sucked out, causing the special epoxy resin stored inside the bladder to adhere to the inner bore of the pipe.

The resin is cured after a few hours, forming a new pipe inside the old one. And the bladder is deflated and removed, leaving a stronger structure.

When Do You Need Pipe Relining?

Because this technique uses flexible materials, it’s suitable for fixing bent or angled pipes. You may notice several leaks and cracks on bent areas and pipe linings, and relining them is the best way to deal with those.

And with skilled professionals and the correct technique, it can be used on inspection pits and pipe junctions. You can opt for this method if:

Sydney’s Pipe Relining Specialists

For relining to be effective, it must be done correctly. It is an easy and fast process. So you need to hire our skilled and licensed Sydney plumbers to handle the job.


We schedule an appointment for our experienced plumbers to visit the site and inspect the pipe meticulously before relining it. We will pinpoint the exact location of the problem before proceeding.

Relining Your Pipes

When relining your pipes, our Sydney plumbers use high-quality Teflon, liquid epoxy, and fusion bonded epoxy materials.

Final Check

After the pipes have been relined, a CCTV drain inspection is performed to ensure everything has been installed and sealed correctly. After completing the job, our plumbers also clean up after themselves.

When it comes to pipes that work like new, call Service First Plumbing!

Why Choose Service First Plumbing?

You’ll also be pleased to know that the high-quality services we offer won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Besides, we will inform you about the plan of action and the price breakdown well in advance.

Whether it is a major plumbing problem or a small one, Service First Plumbing has years of experience tackling them all. We also offer various other plumbing services, including clearing blocked drains and gas plumbing.

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Pipe Relining FAQs

Have you got more questions about the pipe relining process in Sydney? See our most commonly asked questions here:

Yes, often we can reline sewer pipes. Pipe relining involves installing a new pipe inside of an existing one.

The process of relining a sewer pipe begins by first cleaning the inside of the old pipe. Then, a new pipe is inserted into the old one and inflated until it expands and seals against the walls of the old pipe. This new pipe is then coated with resin to protect it from corrosion and leaks.

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