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Don’t let a clogged sink take your home to a standstill! Apart from looking unpleasant, a sink blockage can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Trust the blocked drain experts at Service First Plumbing!

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As a homeowner in Sydney, a blocked sink is probably one of the peskiest problems you can encounter. It causes a lot of inconveniences and poses serious health risks to everyone in your household.

If a sink becomes blocked, it will start to overflow, and if it isn’t resolved soon, your floor will be covered with dirty sewage water. Not only that, but it might also damage your bathroom sink or clogged kitchen sink drains by exerting too much pressure.

Unfortunately, resolving it on your own can be a hectic task. But the team at Service First Plumbing can take the hassle out of a blocked sink for you. You can trust our drain-clearing specialists in Sydney to remove the drain blockages carefully.

So, call our plumbers in Sydney today on 1300 173 784.

Why Does Your Sink Become Blocked?

So, what has caused your sink to become blocked? Well, it can happen for a few reasons…

An accumulation of oils, grease or mineral residues inside the blocked sink drain is probably the most common cause behind it. A blockage can also be caused due to hair, grease, oil and food particles getting stuck inside the pipe, invasive tree roots or damage caused by storms and rain.

Regardless of the reason, you should try to resolve the problem at the earliest. To do that, you will need to watch out for the issues’ associated symptoms. Besides an overflowing drain, you may also notice:

  • The emergence of foul odours
  • Leaking joints in the drain pipe
  • Odd gurgling noises from the sink
  • Very slow drainage
  • Wet patches on the walls and floor adjacent to the sink drain

If you notice any one or more of these symptoms, you can give us a call at any time to get your problem fixed quickly and affordably.

You can get in touch with us anytime since our emergency blocked drain specialists are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

How Can We Clear Your Blocked Sink Drain?

After booking an appointment with us, we will immediately dispatch a qualified plumber to your residence. Once they reach your home, the blocked sinkwill be inspectedwith the help of a drain CCTV. That way, we can ascertain the exact nature and location of the blockage.

With the problem identified, the plumber will get to work fixing it. For transparency, you will be informed about the exact nature of the problem and the best plan of action. If the blockage is a minor one, the plumber will fix it with the help of a drain snake or pressurised water jet.

They will also be equipped to deal with major blockages, so if your sink drain needs to be replaced or relined, it will be done right there. After completing the task, we will perform another inspection of your plumbing lines to ensure everything is in working order.

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Get rid of your blocked sink by calling us today!

With our tools and expertise, we can quickly and efficiently unblock your sink, ensuring there is minimal damage and no mess. If any problems arise from the blockage, we will ensure the best repair methods are employed.

Trust Sydney’s best blocked drain specialists at Service First Plumbing.

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Blocked Sink FAQs

Our experts have answered our customer’s most frequently asked questions about unblocking sinks in Sydney!

Yes, coffee granules can block the sink. When coffee is brewed, the grounds are broken down, releasing oils that can cling to surfaces and create a sticky mess. If you spill coffee grounds on your kitchen sink, they can quickly form a clog as the oils will solidify over time.

Generally not. There are a few things that can cause a sink to become blocked. If the blockage is caused by food waste, it may be possible to clear it using hot water and baking soda. However, if the blockage is due to something more stubborn like grease or soap scum, professional help will likely be needed to clear it.

Yes, a blocked sink can cause a leak. Water starts to back up when the sink becomes clogged and eventually finds another way out. This can cause water damage to your floor or walls. If you notice that your sink is clogging more frequently than usual, it might be time to call a plumber to clear the blockage.

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