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TMV Testing

Are you looking for commercial thermostatic valve testing? We have professionals at Service First plumbing who can use the right methods for proper TMV testing and safety. Call us today to book!

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A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is designed to ensure the perfect mixture of hot and cold water. These are present in commercial properties like hospitals, healthcare buildings, and offices. TMV must be tested occasionally to prevent the sudden rise in water temperature, which could lead to burns.

But who tests your thermostatic mixing valves in Sydney? That’s what we do at Service First Plumbing!

Our team will install, keep a record, and regularly maintain your thermostatic mixing valves. Any discrepancy in temperature quality and flow of water will be written down and taken care of immediately. So, book your appointment for commercial thermostatic mixing valaves testing today by calling 1300 173 784.

What Services Do We Provide?

Your thermostatic mixing valve must maintain a standard temperature between 29 and 43 degrees Celsius. Should this temperature range not be maintained, our plumbers in Sydney can install, replace and provide maintenance for TMVs.

Our professionals will monitor the safe temperature and ensure that there is no scalding. We will also check if the water outlets, including taps, baths, and showers, are as per the safety rules and standards set by the health department. Also, some of the other services provided are:

  • Checking the quality of water
  • Disinfection of TMV
  • Cleaning mesh strainers

And if you are facing low or no water supply, the TMV is checked and repaired if needed.

Every TMV comes with a failsafe mechanism that will turn off the valve in case the cold water supply or hot water system stops or is interrupted. Our commercial plumbers in Sydney will check if this mechanism is working correctly to ensure people do not face thermal shock or burns.

How Can We Fix Your Problem?

Once Service First Plumbing professionals have reached your place, they will quickly check the temperature of the water. If it is too hot, the valve will be changed. Also, we will check the water quality; if required, the valves will be cleaned. Water descaling may be necessary, and a separate component may be installed to prevent scaling.

We will record the details of the Thermoservicing, and you can keep a copy. This will ensure a proper record of having your commercial TMV tested at intervals.

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Commercial TMV Testing FAQs

Let us share with your some of the most commonly asked questions about our TMV testing services in Sydney:

A tmv should be tested every 6 to 12 months, depending on your risk factors.

A tmv can be up to 100 feet from a tap. However, it’s best to keep the distance between the tmv and the tap as short as possible to ensure good water quality.

The mixing valves, or TMV, should last up to five years with proper maintenance. A yearly check-up of the system is recommended in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that there are no clogs or leaks.

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