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If not maintained and installed correctly, backflow can cause serious health hazards to you and your employees. For efficient commercial backflow testing in Sydney, call our experts today on 1300 173 784

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Commercial backflow prevention testing in Sydney involves checking a building’s plumbing system to ensure it is functioning correctly. This testing is essential to help identify potential problems with the plumbing system and prevent them from malfunctioning and costly repairs. If a plumbing system issue is identified early, it can often be fixed before it turns into an expensive repair.

To avoid any health hazards as a business owner, timely commercial backflow testing is an absolute must. Contaminated water backing up into the plumbing system can cause serious illness.

And this is when our expert professionals can come to your rescue. In addition to examining your containment backflow prevention device, we can also assess the installation of the other zone and individual backflow devices on your property. Our team of plumbers specializing in backflow is extensively trained to install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices, and we serve customers across Australia. So, get in touch with us today, and let our commercial plumbers in Sydney take care of your backflow testing.

What Causes Backflow In Commercial Properties?

Backflow in commercial properties mainly occurs because of backpressure, back siphonage, or a combination of the two. Backpressure can be caused by something like a fire hydrant being opened, which creates a surge of water that can push contaminants back into the water supply.

On the other hand, back siphonage can be caused by a broken pipe, allowing contaminated water to flow backwards and into the water supply. And a combination of backpressure and back siphonage is the most common cause of backflow.

Apart from that, improper installation of pipes can result in backflow. Likewise, the pipes getting blocked by debris and unwanted sediments can also lead to backflow.

As you can see, none of these is good. We recommend contacting our 24/7 emergency plumbers as soon as possible!

How Can We Fix The Issue?

On booking an appointment with us, our trained plumbers will visit your property and first check the condition of your pipes using various tools and techniques, including pressure gauges, flow metres, and other specialised equipment.

Depending on the condition of the pipes, they may install a check valve to help regulate the water pressure and prevent backflows. Or, they might use a backflow prevention assembly that will prevent contaminated water from entering the drinking water supply.

You can book our annual or biannual service for regular plumbing maintenance to reduce the chances of backflows. And you can rest assured that we are entirely transparent with our pricing so that you pay only for the services availed with no hidden costs.

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Your commercial property is the most important part of your business, and our customers are the most essential part of ours. Let us help you keep your backflow under control, and speak to us today.

To book an appointment or speak with one of our local commercial plumbers, please call us anytime on 1300 173 784.

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Commercial Backflow Testing FAQs

There is so much to learn about backflow testing in Sydney, see what other customers have asked us before:

There are a few ways to tell if your backflow preventer is bad. One test you can do is to pour water into your sink and then turn on the faucet. If the water backs up or sprays out of the faucet, your backflow preventer is likely bad and needs to be replaced. You can also have a professional plumber test it for you.

A backflow device is supposed to prevent water from flowing backwards into the water supply. It uses a check valve to keep water from flowing back into the supply line. However, a backflow device can fail for several reasons, including:

  • A build-up of sediment and debris in the check valve restricts its ability to open and close
  • The check valve becomes stuck in the open position
  • A crack or hole in the body of the backflow device that allows water to flow backwards
  • The gasket or O-ring becomes worn and no longer provides a seal

No. Backflow preventers are placed below ground in most cases, as this is the most effective place to install them. However, backflow preventers can be installed above ground if necessary.

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